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About DWM

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Dimitri William Moore is a producer who loves working on film, music videos and commercials. The focus of his art as a producer in the media arts industry is balancing logistical resources with the creative goals of the project at hand, building and managing an appropriate sized production unit and fostering collaboration between artists.

Dimitri attended Columbia College Chicago, working on several short film projects as assistant director, line producer and creative producer. Some of Dimitri’s most successful  projects include:

The critically acclaimed Pirates & Pills, which follows a young girl exploring and pushing the boundaries of her overactive imagination.

The Wardrobe about a woman slowly becoming trapped by her lover’s obsession with beauty.

A web music video produced within the time span of 24 hours to help reinstate funding for Illinois’ MAP Grant program.

He also led a cultural festival called Dance Africa Chicago- Columbia’s largest and most successful public arts program.